Monday, 17 June 2013

Weekly Weigh-In 2

Time for my weekly weigh-in, not too bad this week, only lost 1lb, but I struggled at Zumba on Thursday and hardly moved over the weekend (I'm blaming my period for this and the extra water content below).

Weight Loss: 11st 5lbs
Body Fat: 34.8%
Bone Density: 4.6lbs
Water Content: 48.1%
Muscle Mass: 37.1%

Body Fat is still going down so that's good :)

Anyway, more Zumba talk, I've done 7 classes now and picking up the routines again. No longer look like an unco-ordinated mess, just a sweaty mess instead. Put lots of effort in tonight, my arms and stomach muscles already ache, so getting up and walking Ellie is going to be fun in the morning!

I'll just leave you with a picture of the lovely Venia, my Zumba instructor (look at that toned stomach! And toned everything else!)


Jilly said...

Well done Laura. 1lb loss is a 1lb in the right direction.

Don't know how you can do zumba. My daughter teaches it in Leicester and she is super fit and skinny. She teaches dance mainly; everything from ballet to belly dancing. She used to be a professional dancer before she went into teaching.

Liz madmumknits said...

well done Laura, keep it up.