Sunday, 17 March 2013

New Collections: Russian Dolls and Stud Earrings

I've had these two collections in the making for a while and this morning I finally got the camera out to take photos!

So, first up, Russian Dolls! I love Russian Dolls, I even have a set that a friend bought back from Russia as a gift. There's something magical in the small painted smiley faces. Each one decorated individually, I imagine it's virtually impossible to find two the same.

I have made these Russian Dolls into brooches, each brooch stands approximately 2 inches tall. I'll be sad when these sell as they are so beautiful! I've listed my first one on Etsy this morning and will be adding the rest over the next week or so:

Second collection for today is some little wooden stud earrings. Here's the entire collection:

And as before, I've listed one set on Etsy, with the rest to follow in the coming week:

I've kept a pair of these little heart studs for myself too :)


OnePerfectDay said...

These are all so very pretty!

Dawn said...

So pretty, love the Russian dolls!

Mythillogical said...

Lovely Russian dolls. One of my most treasured items is a beautiful set of Russian dolls I bought from St Petersburg- they have the prettiest faces and are very highly lacquered- in fact when I bought them you could still make an impression in the bottom with your nail as they hadn't hardened yet! They have scenes of St Petersburg painted on them for the 300th Anniversary of the city which was the year I visited.

Cath Urquhart said...

Love those little heart studs :)